Owl Collection

Thank you for your interest in hosting a collection for Owls for Owies! The Owls for Owies’ team is excited you want to join in our mission of inspiring acts of kindness by delivering TY Beanie Boo™ owls (6 inch) and cards to children in southeastern Wisconsin who are in need of comfort.

There are two exciting ways you can sponsor collections for Owls for Owies:

1. Donate newly purchased, 6 inch, TY Beanie Boo™ plush owls

2. Donate money towards the purchase, packaging and delivery of owls

Guidelines for Donating Owls

  • Owls for Owies welcomes as donations Beanie BooTM stuffed owls manufactured by TY™. The preferred owl size is the regular, 6 inch, TY Beanie Boo™.

  • Donated owls must be newly purchased and include original tags. Owls should be stored in a plastic bag or plastic bin prior to delivery to Owls for Owies. Owls for Owies delivers owls to children in hospitals, so the need for new, unused, clean owls is required.

  • TY Beanie BooTM owls can be found around town, including at: grocery stores, gift shops, craft and hobby stores, discount stores, drugstores, toy stores, children and teen clothing stores, and book stores to name a few locations. Owls can also be purchased online from TY (, discount stores, Amazon, and other retailers.

Guidelines for Donating Money

  • Owls for Owies accepts monetary donations.

  • Monetary donations are used to purchase, package, and deliver owls and to print cards. The approximate cost for a single owl donation is $8.00.

  • Donations to Owls for Owies are tax deductible. Donation receipts are available.